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Candies Designer Eyewear

The designer brand Candies dates back to 1960s when Charles Cole set out to explore manufacturing units in Italy for his line of shoes. The name Candies comes from the famous high heeled sexy shoes which were marketed by Charles Cole. The brand was established in 1978 with the production of around 600 shoes. The company moved on to manufacturing apparel and accessories such as prescription eyeglasses.

The brand gained instant popularity after being worn in the film Grease and the marketing campaigns followed one after another. Now these reasonably cheap eyeglasses were also made available in a number of departmental stores such as Dillard's and Nordstrom.

Candies Eyeglasses Styles

The unique part about Candies eyeglasses is the hues that the brand has come up with. There is a feminine and energetic flair to the Candies designer eyewear collection. The shape, colors and the refined touch to every pair of eyeglasses is excellent. In some eye glasses the frames are narrow to give a sleek look to them. A lot of innovative ideas have been put into the numerous varieties of their designer eyewear.

Candies Fashionable Eyeglasses

A lot of eyeglasses among the collection have floral designs on the temples. Women find such eyeglasses easy to relate too. There are some styles which are more popular than the others and they are Candies Emma eyeglasses, Candies Cynthia eyeglasses and Candies Janie eyeglasses. They are based on womens names. This feature of these particular cheap designer eyeglasses steals everyone's hearts. There are several others which women relate to in terms of their unique shapes and attractive designs.

Trendy Eyeglasses Styles

There is a certain youthfulness and femininity about the Candies collection of eyeglasses. That is what makes women go gaga over the wide range of eyeglasses. The eye glasses are available in a wonderful collection of colors such as light purple, light orange and mild red. There are more sober colors and the finish of each pair is admirable. The brand considers cosmopolitan women as its target segment and it has continuously for the past many decades thrown everyone off guard with their unpredictable yet lovable kind of designer eyewear. It is indeed difficult to not take notice whenever Candies launches a new set of their designer eyeglasses.

Quality Cheap Designer Eyeglasses

People consider the brand to cater to all of their requirements beautifully. Candies Claudia eyewear is one of the favorites among women. This is because of the variety of color existing in the collection. The colors include attractive pinks, sober browns and moderately designed burgundy. There are other collections of Candies eyewear which suit both formal as well as casual wear. People find the brand quite affordable because the prices range from $120 to $200, so it is true to say that these are definitely cheap designer eyeglasses.

Cheap Online Eyeglasses

Because of the competition in the designer eyewear market there are always discount designer eyeglasses on line. There is always an eyeglasses sale on! So, if you are looking to buy eyeglasses online is your best way to get seriously cheap designer eyeglasses. The perky style of the eyeglasses was what made the brand a great success initially. Be it their footwear, apparel or eyewear. They have achieved tremendous success because of their consistent efforts in production quality as well as marketing strategies.

Candies eyeglasses are going to be around for a long time. Marketing campaigns are constantly done to make the brand known not only to gain popularity among the celebrities but also among the general public. The modern designs make this designer eyewear wearable both stylish and practical.

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